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A Few Questions

  • 1. can I use a mobile wifi router like clear internet 4g?

    2. Does the router need to be in one location or can it be mobile?

    3. What is the payment threshold

    4. Do you send us any hardware or is it just software?


    1. Currently we support Cradlepoint mobile routers. Other routers can only be used with a combination of a supported router (mobile router which connects to the internet, connected to a hotspot compatible router like Linksys WRT54GL)

    2. It can be mobile.

    3. We pay out once a month if you reach the minimum payment limit. For more information please read:

    4. We can send you a pre-configured Linksys WRT54GL. If you need an other hardware you need to buy it and configure it for yourself (we provide support for that).

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