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Nano Loco M2 With Ddwrt Problems

  • Hello, i have problems getting the hotspot to work, im using a nano loco m2 with ddwrt, the reason i dont wanna use ubiquiti airOs its because it dosnt have repeater mode, only wds wich its not the same, what im trying to acomplish is, i have internet service in my house, and i use the loco m2 to conect wirelessly to my modem and repeat the signal. the service its provided by a 2iwre dsl modem, and AirOs does not suport repeater mode o wds with this brand of modem. so far repeater mode works great with ddwrt, i setup as per instructions on this site, once the loco reboots i get 192.168.182.x but if i try to reach anything, it wont go thru, i have to manually set ip to get acces to my loco and deactivate the hotspot service, then the loco works great, i have tried to add the dns to the main setup tab, , no go. i opened some ports as well as instructed here and no go either, i opened the ports to ip so wonder what eaqlse i can do.

    please dont instruct me to install airOs as i wont be able to have a good use with it. thanks for any help.


    First, repeater mode is not supported as it will give free access out after the first user authenticates. If you want to extend the signal range you should use WDS, or use cables to extend your network from the main hotspot router.

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