How can I manage multiple logins with the same voucher/package but different computers?

First, when you generate the voucher or set up the access you can select the number of devices which can simultaneously login with the given access.simultaneous

You can further control how many devices can login under SET DEFAULT LIMITS,  under “Restrict users to change computers for # hours.

For example entering 1 hour will mean the user will not be able to login from a different device during that 1 hour. If you have previsouly specified a voucher or package to allow login s from 3 device simultaneously then only the first 3 devices will be able to login for that 1 hour.

Entering 0 will mean any device can use the access so long as the number of simultaneous devices has not reached the value specified under “allow logins from # devices at the same time per user”



Do you support multiple locations?

Absolutely. The system is designed to be capable of handling unlimited number of locations within one operator account.

You can add new locations under Manage > Locations > Add New Location.

After than, all reports and queries can be done for a specific location, groups of locations (using the Location Group feature) or all locations.

If there are support issues who does the user contact and how?

Support between you and your customers is an important thing to maintain the quality of your service.

Generally speaking, you need to provide the support to your clients. HotspotSystem provides support for hotspot operators only.

To help your work, we have developed powerful tools:

  • Customer Ticketing System
  • Request of refunds through the Control Center

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Can I allow users to log in from multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, it’s possible to log in from multiple devices with the same username and password.

By default, all accesses can only be used from 1 device simultaneously by default (sharing of account is not allowed). However it is possible to create custom packages that can be used up to 5 devices simultaneously. It is also possible to create voucher codes which can be used from up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Can I restrict hotspot access to only between certain hours?

You can, if your firmware supports timing of radio signal.

In DD-WRT click the Wireless > Advanced Setting > enable “Radio Times Restrictions”

You can then click on one of the green squares corresponding to the hour. Green means ON, red means OFF.

What does 'Combined Splash Page' mean?

Combined splash page is when the LOGIN box is on the same page as the other modules (Splash page is the same as the login page).

Your hotspot can work in a combined mode, or you may want to keep the LOGIN section separated from the other parts of splash page, where users can buy access, activate vouchers etc.

Some notes:

  • Hotspot FREE Basic and Social can only work in combined mode
  • Open-Mesh and Mikrotik supports the combined mode only
  • Combined mode has to be set in the Control Center, as well as in the router to make it work

How do you calculate 1 month in case of a monthly access?

Monthly access means that the access will expire on the same day and time in the next month. So 1 month is not equal to 30 days.

If the user activated the card on 9th, February, it will be expired on 9th, March. In this case the access will last less than 30 days.
In case the access would be expired on a day which doesn’t exist (for example the user bought an access on 31th, January, but there is no 31t, February), the access will expire on the last day of the next month (in this example on 29th, February).

How can i delete a location?

We have to keep history of actions (like transactions, activity) of locations so we offer two options instead of delete:

  1. You can modify all the details of a location so you can use as a new one
  2. You can “deactivate” a location in Manage > Locations > click on name > click on the red DEACTIVATE button on the bottom of the page. The location will be hidden from the location’s list and from the map, the splash page will also be inactive (users cannot log in or get a new access). You can reactivate a location any time. Please also note that you still need to cancel the subscription in the control center, see: