Release of API v2.0 & Webhooks

We have released our API v2.0. The release contains several enhancements and new API calls. You can still use our API v1 however we encourage you to upgrade to v2 as soon as you can.

What’s new?

  • Added Social Attributes to Customer/Subscriber API calls
  • New API call: Transactions (please check API Reference). Get all new accesses by type (mac, voucher, social, paid). A new transaction is created whenever a user or device gets a new access.
  • Custom data for data capture is now available with Mac based Transaction API
  • New authentication method: Authentication moved to the header (please check docs)


Along with the new API, a new function is released, called Webhooks. Webhooks are ‘HTTP callbacks’, that are triggered by specific events. You can use them to send customer/transaction data to your servers. So every time there is a new customer registration/subscription, or a new transaction, our system can call an external page (defined by you) and send user/transaction data there. So these are PUSH functions (on the contrary API calls are triggered by you so those are PULL functions).

You can define webhooks from the Control Center under Tools & Settings > Webhooks menu. Webhooks are also available for secondary operators if you gave access for them to check users & transactions data.

You can check webhooks documentation here.

Zapier updates

New functions are availabe at Zapier. Currently the new ZAP is invite only, so be sure you try it out by following this link.

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