Why do I have to pay for a service if I give it for free to my customers?

We provide this service for a small monthly fee, because you will get a professional, cloud-based service from us. Here are some key services we provide:
  • We operate and maintain servers and give you an easy web-based management interface so you can manage your locations remotely.
  • We provide full management and accounting, which means you can view what users were used your service and when,  and you can see the usage of that users, logins, logouts, downloaded bytes, etc.
  • You can check online users so you will know if your router is overloaded
  • We also monitor your routers and we will send you an alert if they are down (so you will know if there is no electricity on the site or the internet is down)
– You can print high-quality vouchers for your customer online and manage voucher’s bandwidth and traffic limits (with Hotspot FREE VOUCHERS)

What are the benefits of Hotspot FREE service over a free password protected hotspot?

There are several benefits:

  1. You don’t have to tell passwords for your customers and users don’t have to deal with entering a password for a Wi/Fi signal which can be difficult for unexperienced users (especially on Windows)
  2. You can show a personalized Wi-Fi Start page where all users are redirected when they first enter a website address  (you can show ads, daily menus, anything)
  3. With a simple password protected Wi-Fi, if a user downloads or uploads a large file, the connection speed will be dramatically decreased for all users. With our system you can limit the bandwidth of each access so you can avoid heavy usage by users.
  4. By using vouchers you can control who can access your internet so you can tie the access codes to consumption, give menus, orders etc. Codes are unique and have an expiration (for example 1 hour) so you can avoid having people ordering one coffee and then using your network all day long.
  5. Optionally you can authenticate people by SMS so you can verify who uses your internet (in case of illegal activity this can be real helpful)
  6. Optionally you can collect information from your users by requiring them to fill out a registration form before they can use the hotspot.
  7. Optionally you can drive customers to your facebook page by requesting them to like your page or post a message on their walls with Hotspot FREE SOCIAL.
  8. You can see all activity from your users (login/logout dates, downloaded/uploaded bytes, MAC addresses, etc)
  9. The system sends you an alert when your router is down or doesn’t have internet connection (you will be notified if there is a power outage too!)
  10. You can manage all your hotspots from the Cloud by using our system :)

Can I operate my free hotspot without a subscription?

You can operate your location with a Pay As You Go plan, where you don’t need to have a subscription.

The only exception is the Basic plan, where you need to have a Basic Plus subscription if you need the Basic Plus features or you need additional sessions.

How do you calculate the monthly limit in case of a subscription?

Monthly limits are calculated from the 1st day of the month until the last day of the month. Credits are refilled on the 1st day of each month.

The only exception is the subscription based voucher plan, where we only generate new vouchers when the number of unused vouchers falls below the minimum threshold.

What does monthly limit mean in case of a subscription?

It’s a maximum number of accesses / codes that you can give out in a month.

  • Basic / Basic Plus: we count every log in
  • Vouchers: we count every new voucher codes that are activated
  • SMS: we count every SMS that was sent out (regardless whether the codes were used or not)
  • Social: we count every new interaction for every new access

Where can i modify the validity of free accesses / codes?

In case of Basic, SMS and Social, the system generates access / access codes on the fly based on the location’s FREE PACKAGE setting. In case of a Pay As You Go Vouchers plan, you can generate your own vouchers with different validity (subscription based voucher package contains only one type of voucher codes).

You can create a custom package under Customize > Packages, then assign it to the location from Manage > Locations > click on name > search for FREE PACKAGE and click on Modify Free Package, then select the package.


How can i cancel my Hotspot FREE Subscription?

If you’re using one of the Hotspot FREE services and want to cancel the subscription please then you can cancel the subscription in the control center. Click tool-and settings-subscriptions and click cancel.






How can i update my card details in case of a Hotspot FREE subscription?

We always charge the credit card that was lastly added in the Control Center. If you wish to add a new card, you have two options:

  1. If your subscription has already expired, you can create a new subscription by logging in to the Control Center > Manage > Locations > click on name > SUBSCRIBE and pay with the new card.
  2. In case you wish to change the credit card BEFORE the subscription expires you can go to Tools > Wi-Fi Shop, choose Global, and choose “Add a NEW Credit Card” product. You need to pay with a NEW credit card (which has never been used before in the Control Center). We charge $2 USD for initial authorization.

Other than that you can contact us any time to remove a specific card from our system.