How do Pre-Paid Vouchers work?

You can sell vouchers for cash in your hotspots. Voucher codes look like: ‘1h-42342342′. This code needs to be entered in the voucher activation box on the splash page, or as a username directly into the login box.

Optionally you can require a user registration for vouchers. In this case users can choose a login name and password which they can use to log in to the hotspot instead of the voucher code.

They can also activate a new voucher with the same username and password in the future which allows them to use a permanent login name and password instead of a voucher code which is hard to remember (however you can also display a “Remember Me” checkbox at the login).

When will the access codes expire?

Codes can be activated any time as long as you have a valid HotSpot FREE subscription (so codes that you get in the first month don’t expire, they can be used f.e. 6 months later). If you chose the Pay As You Go model, you can use the available credits from 1 year after the LAST Pay As You Go purchase (so you can extend the expiration to another 12 months if you buy again).


How do I receive voucher codes?

Access codes are available automatically in the Control Center > Manage > Vouchers section in case you are using a Monthly Plan. In case of you are using the Pay As You Go Plan, you can generate your own vouchers under Manage > Vouchers.

NOTE: In case of a subscription model we only send you codes if you have used up most of the codes that we sent before. For example if you subscribe to HotSpot FREE 300, but you use only 100 codes in the first month, you won’t get another 300 codes automatically. We will send you the codes only if you use up almost all the codes (you’ll get the codes before you use up all so you’ll get a continuos service). So the number with the HotSpot FREE plans mean the maximum number of the codes you can use in a month. 

Can I have different validity periods for my Hotspot FREE subscription?

When you sign up for a  Monthly Plan, you need to choose the validity of your vouchers. You can only choose one period, however you can buy additional vouchers with different validity periods for an additional fee (price of additional vouchers is the same as if you purchase them in the Pay As You Go plan).

For Pay As You Go Plans you can create as many voucher types as you want.

Is it possible to generate vouchers for a specific location / group of locations?

When you generate vouchers, you need to choose the location where customers need to activate vouchers. This can be a specific location, or a location group (which you need to create under Manage > Location Groups). If you need vouchers that can be activated in all locations, you can just create a group with all the locations.

Please note that after a voucher has been activated, people can log in to other locations based on your roaming settings (roaming is enabled by default).

How can I buy more voucher credits?

You can click on Buy More link from the Control Center > Manage > Locations > click on name > scroll to the ‘Vouchers’ section, the link will be there on the right.