Create access codes on the fly using our Voucher API

We have released a new voucher API which allows you to create access codes on the fly and deliver them to your customers. So you can now integrate almost any application to work together with your hotspot. You just have to make an API call to our servers and you will get an access code in the reply.

So what is it good for?

For example you can generate a code from the hotel’s own software and print it on to the receipt. Or set up a walled garden, create your very own splash page and give out the code based on your own rules (for example the user has to see 3 page of ads, then you can generate an access code so the user can log in). There are lots of use cases and we will post some examples in the following weeks. For example you can use your own payment gateway to sell access codes in your hotspots.

How about the pricing?

Using the API is free, however you need to have voucher credits under your account to be able to generate access codes with the API. For free codes the system deducts 1 credit, for pay per use codes 2 credits are deducted. In case you have a Hotspot Free Voucher subscription, you can also use those credits (50, 300, 600 based on your package) to generate the codes.

We are very excited about how our hotspot operators will use this to create their very unique hotspot solution. If you are one of them, feel free to share your ideas with us :)

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