Featured Operator – Italian Restaurant


Introducing one of our our operators, La Prosciutteria, is a diner in Italy who uses our solutions to facilitate a music cloud and to gather reviews on Tripadvisor.  It provides a great practical example of the versatility our solutions provide.

Please tell us a little about the diner:

Offering a unique atmosphere, at the “La Prosciutteria” you find only the best Italian, and especially Tuscan, food and wine. High-quality homemade products are simply served on a wooden board or between two slices of bread.

Currently using Hotspot System’s pre-configured routers to provide wifi access at 4 out of 7 venues. The venues vary in size from 40 to 70 square meters (430 to 750 square feet).

Why did you need a managed internet service?

It was important for us to divide the traffic generated from the users from our main connection for a simple reason: since it’s a franchise network we all use the same music cloud service which needs a stable and dedicated connection. Now the customers have their network and the music service its own.



Were you able to use any of the extra features in addition to bandwidth shaping?

At the same time we can collect users mail to ask them for a tripadvisor review after a few days.
Another aspect, since everyone now owns a connected device, we can have an idea of the most crowded moment of the day or the week just studying the connection data.

Finally we discovered that users upload a lot of data (much more than the download): this means they share a lot, especially pictures which now we try to find and collect on the internet.




The restaurant is using our pre-configured TP Link router to provide the WiFi. This product is called Hotspot in a box and is used by those operators that don’t want to deal with technical details.


Proscutteria router1

Proscutteria router


We offer various preconfigured routers, see the specifications page:  http://www.hotspotsystem.com/hotspot-in-a-box


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