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About blacklist

  • In my free hotspot plus I activated to create an archive of data, more than anything else … email using fake mails from the public is quite high and makes me nervous enough, the rest want to offer a service for free to leave me a sign of who you are?
    I started to block all those who use FakeMail, I can do?
    When they are attempting to connect and have blocked what they can see?
    It would be possible to add the option blacklist the opportunity to communicate the reason for the measure at the time of the attempt to reconnect?
    I hope I explained … do not speak English … thank online translator.


    The input from the data capture is not verified to external email domains. You can blacklist the individual’s device (based on its mac address). Devices which have been blacklisted would see an ACCESS IS BLOCKED message on the landing page.

    Its not possible to send a message via the system to let users know the reason for being blocked.

    What I meant is that you can put a brief text of motivation when you add the user to the blacklist … message visible to the user in the possible next connection type ‘data you provided are not adequate for YOUR ACCESS is LOCKED any questions send an email to email
    address ‘

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