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Hotspot System – Make It Count.

  • WRC559,


    Using Hotspot Systems and DD-WRT on a DLINK DIR615 – I managed to get my local Network set up and running for good.

    Thanks to Hotspotsystem i managed to limit the amount of quota stealers on the network, So here is how it goes.

    currently in an apartment block at Australia, (Now where you can find the Hotspot System.) I have a habbit of not worrying about putting WEP/WPA codes on the network. Having multiple devices from iPhones – Laptops having to remember a password for the devices can be quite annoying and lowers users expereince when wanting to access the internet.

    Well i noticed that i had a few piggy backers trying to use my internet connection free of charge.

    I came accross Hotspot systems via DDWRT. After many days of researching the item and then finally deciding ill do it. I downloaded the correct version of DDWRT for my DLINK DIR615. Flashed the software, headed over to hotspot systems and then decided to see what they were all about.

    After viewing the Hotspotsystem Youtube channel and website, i finally decided it was time to get this system set up, and boy was that hard. Well until i actually found out what i had to do. After that it was so easy any one can do it if they just took the time to learn. The great thing about the system is (apart from it being free) That all the backend work is done by Hotspot systems, we just need to create and account and run the command on our flashed devices.

    Now with DDWRT we are able to set multiple access point names under the one router (Wow) so i have my own private account (Now with WEP CODE) and the Hotspot system access point which loads the flash page when users try to connect.

    The DLINK DIR 615 is running with standard Wifi antennas (Factory default)

    And DDWRT settings for wireless is at default settings TX Rate etc.

    in future i will try and cover more ground, Currently the DIR615 covers about 35-50 Meters depending on which direction you head. I have placed the Router on the window so users can get great coverage search. My next Goal is to become more of a wholesaler for internet usage – While offering large download quotas for cheaper prices, and maintaining a speed of 100kbs per user (upto 8 users) we can get a good system up and running. People just need to put there trust in the system and actually start to focus there dollars in this direction. While this system for our apartments is still in beta testing. Upgrades of Wifi systems will soon get better, And will look to install this system at local business’s that we setup..

    Thumbs up for this system, and thumbs up for 70% Commission on sales. Keep up the great work.

    See image below of system.

    [attachment=45:dlink Dir615 ddwrt.jpg]

    I have the same router and I tried to setup Hotspotsystem, but unfortunately it is not working. I really appreciate if you can provide details on how do you setup your router:

    Version of your DD-WRT firmeware.

    Setup actions to turn on Hotspotsystem there.

    I think I'm almost there. I'm facing problem with the virtual SSID, I think it is not given IP address when I selecio the Unbridge option.

    I really appreciate if you can help me..

    Thank you very much!

    I bought a D-Link DIR-615 too. What version of DD-WRT did you put on it?
    It comes with already installed DD-WRT but I supposed it was a too old version, it missed the “UAM Domains” box.

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