Reach out to your hotspot guests


As an operator you may want to interact with your guests. You may want to personally reach out to your guests or receive feedback for various purposes.

You may want to welcome each user,  let them know about any special deals, promotions or happenings around the area. You may want to capture user input, perhaps for marketing purposes collect their responses into a database. You also want to do this with minimal effort, let the system work for you.

You might be familiar with our data capture feature which can be used to grab various user info.

Combining this feature with Zapier through an API opens up a multitude of possibilities.

Zapier enables you to match up various automation services with Hotspotsystem. For example you can use Mandrill to send out welcome emails, Mailchimp to create subscriptions  or to automate saving user data to your own MySQL database.

When a user fills out data capture it is then forwarded to Zapier which takes the output and sends it to the selected app. This means you will have to set up 2 accounts, one with Zapier and one with the app. The app will take the appropriate action as per your setting.  This happens every time a new user fills out the email address field for example, so the API will work continuously to send your newsletters, or enlarge your subscription database.

The latest way to reach your clients is using INinbox’s professional email platforms. Offering elegant templates for creating catchy newsletters and surveys it has the added benefit of being able to track user responses.

Some of the things you can do:

  • send welcome emails
  • distribute marketing materials
  • keep guests informed about various happenings around your venue
  • send surveys or request feedback from the guests
  • send offers
  • collect subscriber activity, such as opens, views, clicks, bounces, and forwards
  • manage subscription lists
  • schedule email delivery

INinbox also comes with a powerful editor so you can customize the emails. You can visit their website at

To get started see the setup guide:

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