Responsive Skin


We have created a new Skin called “Responsive” which you can use as your hotspot theme. We highly recommend to use this skin because:

  • it comes with an easy color and background image selector
  • it automatically scales based on the user’s device so there is no need to use a different mobile skin anymore
  • it also has a “flat” layout for easy viewing and navigation
  • error messages are more user friendly
  • it has a clean code, all style edits can be done via css

Here’s how it looks from the Control Center:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 6.44.37 PM

Example of the initial Splash Page with a custom background:


Example of “Data Capture”:


Example of “Pay by Credit Card”:

Responsive-showcase-presentation-credit copy-1

Example of a Social Location:


You can set this new Skin from Manage > Locations > click on name > Modify Hotspot Data > Splash Page Settings > Select Responsive 2015 Skin.

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