Welcome to our new Help Desk!

After a major update on our website, it was time to renew the help desk section as well with a fresh, responsive layout.

We have added a new FAQ section with quick questions and answers and re-categorised and reviewed our knowledge base articles as well.

What you are seeing now is a section where we post news and updates whenever we make some changes or add new features to the system.

Hope you’ll like it!

Would you like to look behind the scenes? Read our article about how we decided to change our Help Desk.

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  1. Antonio


    I must say that the response time is a lot better with the chat now feature but I do like to option of accessing old tickets.



    1. Roland Kosarszky

      Hi Antonio,

      we have also switched our ticketing system but you can access any message you sent to our new system if you go to the Control Center, click on the question mark (lower right corner) and click on the icon with the horizontal lines. All your messages you sent to the new system will be there.