What kind of credit cards does the system accept?

With our 3rd-party credit card processor, customers can use Visa Credit/Debit, Mastercard Credit cards, AMEX, Solo and Laser cards.

Please note that MasterCard’s Maestro (Debit) cards cannot be accepted. Here’s why:

MasterCard require all Maestro card payments to be processed using MasterCard SecureCode by the beginning of July 2008.

SecureCode is an additional security, where the system forwards the user to their bank’s website, where he/she has to enter an additional security code.

Due to the nature of our service it is not possible to pay by these cards, because we block all websites except hotspotsystem’s and credit card processors’ websites, so when the system tries to forward the user to their bank’s site, that page is blocked so the user won’t be able to finish the payment process. Unfortunately, this website is different for every user, and MasterCard cannot provide a list so we could have a chance to allow all those sites.

For this reason, you cannot accept MasterCard’s maestro cards.

Please note that we offer a prepaid voucher option so users can buy access codes by cash, so there is no need to use credit cards. This is perfect for those cases when the customer holds a MasterCard Maesto card only.

What payment processors does your system use to charge users?

We are using various 3rd parties for our primary payment processor. Currently we are using Worldpay and Adyen. The solution is built into our system so you don’t have to install and setup a credit card gateway separately.

PayPal is our secondary payment module which you can combine with the primary credit card processing or you can turn it off completely. We recommend to use it as an additional payment option. Users can pay with their PayPal account and can also pay with credit cards.

Do I need a merchant account to accept online payments in my hotspots?

No. The revenue stream is built-in to the splash page. We charge users, then pay you out monthly. We are using multiple credit card processors to ensure stability of the service and to maximize profits. Conversion ratio is much higher that using a 3rd party processor like authorise.net. Transaction fees are also included in our commission.

Can I charge users in my local currency in my Wi-Fi Hotspot?

Basically, yes. We can handle almost all currencies in the world! The payment module is built into the system. We charge your customers, then transfer the money to you. Therefore you don’t need to have a merchant account to accept online payments.

If you cannot select your currency in the list when you add a hotspot location, please contact us.

When and how do I get paid?

We pay out our operators monthly, after the 15th day of the end of the actual month, not later than the 30th day. If you are using bot the primary and secondary payment processors (PayPal), you will receive two payments from us.

For detailed information please read: How payouts work

What is the minimum amount we can charge?

Basically there’re no minimum requirements. You can sell Pre-Paid vouchers for any price you wish. However there’s a minimum amount that we can process for a credit card transaction, which is different for every currency. For USD, the minimum amount you can charge is 2.40 USD. In EUR, it is 1.90 EUR, etc.

Also, some payment methods have higher minimum limits. These are the following:

  • iDeal (EUR only + NL customers only): 3.50 EUR
  • directEBanking (EUR only + AT, BE, CH, DE customers only): 3.50 EUR
  • Solo (GBP only + GB customers only): 2.50 EUR

We don’t have monthly minimum amount requirements, so you can use our services if you can only generate 1 transaction in a month.

Can I get a higher percentage of the end user income than 75%?

Yes, you can.

The more income you generate, the higher payouts you are able to receive. If you reach 1000 USD per month, the payout level can be changed to 80%. At 2000 USD per month, it can be 85%. Operators with more than 5000 USD per month should contact us to negotiate the payout levels.

Please note that this is not done automatically as we have to review your account first. We review the number of transactions in your hotspots, the average price of transactions and the number of refunds or chargebacks that is related with your account. Please also note that our commission also includes the fees of credit card transactions.

How can I sell Pre-Paid Vouchers at a location?

Here are the steps that are needed to sell vouchers in a hotspot:

  1. You need to purchase voucher credits from us.
  2. You can generate your own vouchers in the Control Center. We deduct 2 credits for each pay-per-use vouchers you generate.
  3. You can print your Vouchers using our online voucher printing tool that generates high quality PDF files so you can print them with a regular printer (you may want to use business cards for this purpose)

You can also accept paysafecards in your hotspots which means that people can buy a prepaid card in a store nearby you, or you can also sell them if you have a contract with paysafecards.