How payouts work (when and how we pay out)


Payouts are done after the 15th day of the end of the actual month, not later than the 30th day. This delay is normal at payment processing companies, as online payment processing is a high risk business. We have to deal with refunds and chargebacks that may happen. Online payments go through different financial institutions. We work together with the biggest and safest instituions in this industry, so we can process payments in almost every currency in the world and provide accurate payments to our operators. We also use different fraud checking procedures to lower chargebacks and to avoid the misuse of our (and your) services. This involves that we receive the payments with aprx. 2-3 weeks delay. We process these payments as soon as possible so our operators can get their payments as soon as possible.



Although we can charge your users in almost all currencies in the world, we only keep balances in certain currencies which will be the payout currency. This is different for the Primary Payment Processor and Paypal.

Payment Type by Hotspot Users Location’s currency Balance (payout) currency
All other currencies USD (see note #1)
PAYPAL PAYMENTS Location’s currency Location’s currency

Payouts with different payment processors to Operators

Payment Type by Hotspot Users Type of Payout Payout currency Transfer Fee Minimum payout limit
PAYMENTS via OUR PRIMARY PAYMENT PROCESSOR International Wire transfer Currency of balance (see above) 20 USD / 15 EUR/ 10 GBP/ 20 AUD / 30 NZD / 150 SEK per transfer (see note #2) 150 USD or equivalent (note #3)
Prepaid MasterCard by Payoneer USD (see note #4) FREE 100 USD
USA ACH trough Payoneer USD (see note #4) FREE 100 USD
Local Bank Transfer trough Payoneer USD (see note #4) FREE 100 USD
PAYPAL PAYMENTS PayPal account Location’s base currency FREE 20 USD or equivalent
  • If you’re using both payment methods, then you’ll get two payments, payment through the Primary Processor will be paid out via wire transfer or via Payoneer and PayPal payments will be transferred to your PayPal account.
  • If you have locations in different currencies, and these currencies would create balances in multiple currencies then balances will be paid out independently. For example if you charge in EUR and USD, then you need to reach the minimum payout in both currencies and there will be two separated payouts (if you also use Paypal, there will be two more to your paypal account). But if you charge in NOK and USD then there will be only one USD balance so these will be paid out together.
  • If your company resides in the EU and you don’t have an EU VAT number, we’ll add local VAT to our commission (currently 27%).

Note #1: Currency conversion is done by our primary payment processor individually for each transaction based on their daily rates, on the day when the transaction has been settled.

Note #2: The funds transmission cost exclude any charges your bank may levy for funds received.

Note #3: We have minimum payout limits for each currency, you can raise this limit anytime to avoid high transfer costs (or use a Payonner mastercard).

Note #4: If you charge your users in a different currency than USD, your monthly payment is converted to USD before pay you out via Payoneer, using our bank’s exchange rates. Please also note that if you chose Payoneer Mastercard as your payout option, once the money is loaded on the card and you wish to get this money in any other currency than USD, MasterCard will convert the amount to the desired currency.


Different Payout Methods Explained

There are 4 payout methods for payments that were collected through our primary processor:

1. International Wire Transfer

This is our regular method. We pay out directly to a bank account of your choice.

Payout Currency: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, SEK and HUF.

Cost: 20 USD / 15 EUR / 10 GBP / 20 AUD / 30 NZD /150 SEK

In some cases your bank and other intermediate banks can also charge a fee for incoming international wire transfer so if you see this, you may wish to select one of the other payout methods.


2. PrePaid Mastercard by Payoneer

You can request a prepaid Mastercard from Payoneer and get paid directly to your card which is accepted worldwide. You can make purchases with the card or go to an ATM to get the money in cash.

Payout Currency: USD

Cost: Transfer is FREE, but Payoneer will deduct some fees (check on the FAQ page below):

Click here to read the FAQ about the PrePaid Mastercards by Payoneer


3. USA ACH through Payoneer

Direct deposit to a U.S. Bank account.

Payout Currency: USD

Cost: HotspotSystem transfers your money there for free, but Payoneer deduct some fees: $5 setup fee and $3 fee per transfer


4. Local Bank Transfer through Payoneer

In some countries you can get your money via LOCAL bank transfer. The difference between this method and international wire transfer is that the incoming wire transfer will be from the same country (so there won’t be additional intermediate bank charges and your bank fees will be probably lower than if you get an international wire transfer).

Payout Currency: HotspotSystem will convert the amount to USD, then Payoneer converts it to your local currency

Cost: HotspotSystem transfers your money there for free, but Payoneer deduct some fees: $5.95 or $9.95 per transfer depending on your country

Click here to read the FAQ about Local Bank Transfers by Payoneer

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