Voucher Thermal Printer


Accepting pre-orders now (go to Tools > Wi-Fi Shop and select your location). We are planning to ship in April. Pre-order price is $200 USD, includes shipping.

What does the Voucher Thermal Printer do?

This is the world’s first thermal printer which can print vouchers from the cloud. This means that:

  1. You don’t need to have a dedicated hotspot gateway solution which has its own thermal printer. You can set up a hotspot with any router we support and you can print the codes independently.
  2. You don’t have to be physically in the location where the codes can be used. You can put the printer anywhere you want (assuming you have an internet connection there)
  3. Unlike other similar cloud-based solutions, NO COMPUTER IS REQUIRED to print out voucher codes. Just turn the printer on, it will connect to a wireless network automatically, then press the green button and VOILÁ! The code is there and ready to use!
  4. You can even print out codes which can work in any of your locations. If you operate a big hotspot network, this can be a life saver!

Everything can be configured from the Control Center, you can upload a logo, change text, etc.

How much does it cost?

You can pre-order the printer now for $200 USD, which includes shipping. Final price can be a bit higher.

Also, you need to have a Hotspot FREE Voucher subscription or have voucher credits to print out voucher codes. The printer generates a code on the fly and deducts 1 credit if you print out a free code, and deducts 2 credits in case you print out a pay-per-use code.

Do you have a video of the printing process?

Here is a quick video of printing out a voucher code (final printed image will be different):

Dimensions of the printer: 13,2mm (width) x 10,2mm (height) x 10mm (depth)

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  1. omi

    Nice idea but how you will support multiple durations? You need a printer with more buttons, one for each duration.

    Does it also work on paid systems?is our account charged every time you print a paid code?


    1. Roland Kosarszky

      This is the initial version. Multiple buttons with multiple plans are planned for a future version of the printer.

      Yes, it’s also working with paid vouchers, the system will deduct 2 voucher credits on the fly each time a voucher is printed.

    1. Roland Kosarszky

      It’s not a joke :) You can pre-order it in the Wi-Fi shop right now. We are planning to ship the first units within a few weeks.

    1. Roland Kosarszky

      Well, these kind of printers do exist, however:

      • They cannot work as a standalone, you need to purchase a hotspot gateway along with the printer
      • They are expensive
      • They offer a local solution, local users, local management
      • The printer needs to connect to the gateway wirelessly, so it’s not possible to print voucher codes at any place you choose (for example nearby shops, remote reception, etc)
      • They are not compatible with hotspotsystem :)

      Our voucher printer can be connected to any router (it only needs to have an internet connection), even to a router which is not even related to the hotspot. So you can print vouchers from anywhere, you can even print out vouchers which can be used at any hotspot you operate (if you are a multi location operator).

  2. Jean-Marc

    I’ve just installed today this thermal printer for one of my customers.
    It works perfectly, and this is much more useful compared to the pre-printed vouchers.

    An amazing solution, for a ridiculous price! :-)

    (remember: 1 month ago I though this announcement was an April fool… and for sure it is not!)

    Thanks again, Hotspotsystem !!! :-)

  3. Josh Powell

    You know what would make this really handy would be a kiosk. Someone can come up and put in $1,5,20 or whatever amount was needed (even use credit card) and then print out a ticket. I was thinking of using this in an apartment complex with multiple buildings for users with below average credit who may be unbanked and operate on a cash only basis. The apartment providing pre-paid on demand internet service would help those who can’t get a traditional ISP because of credit issues and would eliminate the biggest deterrent for them which is the hassle (and possible risk) of staff selling the vouchers.

    It looks like the hard part is done all we have to do now is add a method for the payment approval software to “press” the button and the machinery of it which could probably be gleaned from existing kiosks.. Hmm great things happening here.

    1. Roland Kosarszky

      Josh, if you can find a kiosk that can work together with out system (can make an API call to our servers and display the code on screen), than this is already possible with our newly released voucher API.

  4. Hatem


    i have a scenario and would appreciate your advise how to create it.

    in my network i have several location which are cafe-shops with wifi, and i want to use such hotspot system to manage them, mean time to make use of the installed PoS printers in the cafe-shops.

    any advice?

    1. Roland Kosarszky

      Well, that’s exactly what our voucher printer does! So it’s already possible with our system.

    1. Roland Kosarszky

      You can log in to the control center, go to Tools > Wi-Fi Shop, choose your location and select the product there.