Use your own payment gateway

With HotspotSystem you can accept direct credit card payments by default, but your country may have special online payment habits. You can integrate any other payment gateways easily, including mobile payment gateways using our Voucher API.


  • You need to have voucher credits so you can generate access codes from credits
  • You must create your location in the Control Center as Hotspot FREE Vouchers with Pay As You Go plan
  • Your shop/payment gateway must support IPN (Instant Payment Notification) which allows you to call an URL once the payment went through successfully

Here are the steps to set up your own payment gateway to work with your hotspot:

  1. Create an online store on your own server

    On this page you will sell access codes using your own payment gateway which can be used in your hotspot. You may want to sell multiple type of accesses, for example access for 1 hour, 1 week, 1 month with different bandwidth and/or traffic limits. First you need to set them up in the Control Center as described below:

  2. Set up custom access packages

    You can follow this article: Setting up access packages

  3. Modify Hotspot Data and Settings

    – Turn on “Simplified Login” under Manage > Locations > click on name > Modify Hotspot Data > Splash Page Settings. This allows you to display a “Password” field instead of a “Username / Password” as your customer will log in using the access code only.

    – Turn off the Voucher Activation Module under  Manage > Locations > click on name > Modify Hotspot Data > Vouchers / Access Codes

  4. Set up your store so you can deliver access codes to your customers when they paid successfully

    So if you want to sell a 1 hour code for $2.00 USD in your store (after you created that package in the Control Center in step #2), you need to add it as a digital product in your shop.

    The flow is:Customer pays for the access > Your script gets the access code from our server via API > You display the access code to your customer > You send the customer to the LOGIN page where he/she can log in with the access code

    To get an access code via API you need to use the generate voucher API call. If the call is successful you will get the access code back as a result:

        "success": true,
        "access_code": "1w-6669999"

    This needs to be displayed or sent to your customer so they can log in to your hotspot with this code.

  5. Redirect your users to the login page

    There are 2 methods to set up the splash page to work with your online store.

    1. Using Walled Garden

      By using a Walled Garden, customers are redirected to your online store when they connect to the hotspot. From here you can buy an access through your store. You also need to place the LOGIN URL so existing users could log in.

      The URL for login looks like this:

      where you need to replace youroperatorusername_locationid with your operator username and locationid (example: hotelhotspot_1 )

      You also need to send your customers here after they received the access code.
      To set up your location using walled garden, check this article: Walled Garden Setup

    2. Using the combined login pages

      In this case, the LOGIN page and the splash page which is coming up when customers connect to your hotspot is the same. You must place a link to your online store from the splash page so they can buy accesses using your store. You must be sure that your store is added to the allowed sites so they can browse it. After your customers got the access code, you can redirect them back to the splash page using the following link:
      where you need to replace youroperatorusername_locationid with your operator username and locationid (example: hotelhotspot_1 )

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