Give Wi-Fi access to your customers based on your own rules

In some cases you may wish to give free accesses to your hotspot based on your very own rules, for example:

  • Customers need to see some full screen advertising, before they can access the internet
  • They have to watch a video ad
  • You wish to give access to your own members so you wanted to authorize them first on your own site
  • You may want them to fill out a survey before you give access to the hotspot

These situations can easily be accomplished by the combination of walled garden and the newly released voucher API.

Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Create a Hotspot FREE location with a subscription or Pay As You Go (or Hotspot PRO and turn off the credit card and prepaid modules so you will have the login module only)
  2. Setup the location with Walled Garden
  3. Create your own splash page on your server as you wish
  4. After the rules are matched, generate an access code with the voucher API and display it on screen to your customer
  5. Create a link back to the splash page ( use the format{NASID} (replace NASID with your operator username followed by and underscore plus your location ID, for example: abc_5 represents the 5th location for operator ‘abc’)

This way your customer will land on your own server first, then they can log in on the normal splash page after your rules are matched.

For example if you wish to use Surveymonkey to collect surveys before you give access to the hotspot, you need to forward users to your survey URL ( Step #3 ), then you need to edit the survey completion preferences to go to your page where you display the access code via the Voucher API (Step #4).

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