Extend Range with WDS (wireless distribution system)

Wireless Distribution System, or WDS, is a cheap and easy way to extend your wireless network coverage. It’s cheap, because you can set up a couple of sub-$60 routers with the open-source firmware DD-WRT, including the Linux-powered Linksys WRT54GL and other compatible routers. It’s easy, because you need only apply a few configuration settings to your routers, creating a repeater bridge to extend your wireless network.

STEP 1: Setting up WDS:

Set up WDS with DD-WRT

Set up WDS with HotspotWRT / CoovaAP

STEP 2: Make WDS to work with HotspotSystem.com

Be sure that the main router is providing a hotspot on the interface of the main router which is used by WDS.

That way the same splash page should come up if you are connecting to the second router.

2. You have to turn off the SPI Firewall on the routers

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