How can I test my Hotspot Installation?

To test your Hotspot installation, follow the steps below:

  1. Connect to your hotspot wirelessly. After you have connected, try to visit a website (starting with http:// ). You should be redirected to your Hotspot Start Page.
  2. If you are using Hotspot FREE Basic or Social, you just need to follow the instructions on screen to log in.
  3. In case you are using Hotspot FREE SMS you can enter your own mobile number to get a code and follow the instructions.
  4. In case of FREE Voucher or Hotspot PRO plan, you can use a voucher to get access. You can find test vouchers in the Control Center > Manage > Vouchers section. Enter a voucher code into the activation box and activate the code.
  5. Test if you can log in to the hotspot. If you get ‘Hotspot Login Failed’, even if you sure you used the correct login name and password, then probably the radius ports are blocked by your ISP or by a firewall. Click here for troubleshooting article.
  6. If you logged in successfully then try to browse the internet.
  7. Check if you can send e-mails using a custom SMTP server. ISPs often block foreign SMTP servers which means that your customers won’t be able to send e-mails if they are using a desktop email application like Outlook. If you get an error while sending an email, then you should set SMTP redirection.
  8. OPTIONAL for Hotspot PRO: To fully test your hotspot, you should buy a package just like your customers. Don’t worry, you will get back 75% of your money. You can even set up a cheap package in the Control Center.
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  1. Hercules Venter

    Hi There,
    I have 3 x locations with captive portals, Mikrotek.
    The View hotspot page and the one I get after I log in is different,
    The real one does not have the capture detail.Name, mobile number and email address.
    I did reset the device and reloaded it from scratch
    Any Ideas please
    Regards Hercules

    1. Roland Kosarszky

      The system recognizes if any data was entered earlier and if you are checking the splash page from the same mac address, those data are not asked again. Probably that’s why you cannot see those fields when you are checking it live through the router.

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