How do I manually configure the Coovachilli settings?

Hotspot service can be installed on any device capable of running Coovachilli. You can even use a server instead of a router.

This can be accomplished by using SSH to enter the device and using a text editor like vi to edit the configuration file.

Edit the device’s /etc/chilli/defaults file by copying the contents of the following window:

You’ll only need to change the following lines:


This will create a combined splash page, see What does ‘Combined Splash Page’ mean?

Detailed explanation of configurable parameters:


For example if you registered a username “hotelhotspot” and want to configure the second location, the HS_NASID will be “hotelhotspot_2″


If you wish to redirect users to a different URL than the login page, for example your own server (walled garden), you can enter that URL here. You can also enter the following here if you don’t wish to use a combined splash page (keep the first page and the login pages separated):  (replace the nasid at the end). You also have to be sure that the Combined Splash Page option is not enabled in the control center in this case.


This is our hosted splash page/login page. If you are using a white label or you wish to use a server in a different continent, you can replace to an other host name in this URL.


Comma separated list of resources the client can access without first authenticating. Each entry in the list can be a domain names, IP addresses, or network segment.


One domain prefix per use of the option; defines a list of domain names to automatically add to the walled garden. This is done by the inspecting of DNS packets being sent back to the subscriber.





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