How to fix: “Sync error: Wrong time information is present in the router”

You must not change any timezone related settings in the router. Time on routers must always be GMT / UTC: +00:00 with DST off, regardless of your local time zone. If you accidentally changed these settings please set it back to the following:

Time Zone / Summer Time (DST) > UTC / none
Use local time > unchecked

If you change this, your clients won’t get the appropriate time period that they paid for, because the router has to be synced to our radius servers.

If you have this setting but your router is still getting wrong time information, then maybe it is not getting the right time information from the time servers.

You have to follow the instruction here to set the NTP Time Servers (IMPORTANT NOTE: This page describes how to set your local time zone, but remember that you need to set the GMT time on the router, not your local time!!! Check the GMT time here, if you see the same in the upper right corner, then you are done! )

NOTE #1: After you update the time information, you have to wait until the router sends a life signals again to our servers. It is sending life singals in every hour so within an hour the message should disappear.
NOTE #2:
Your local timezone and DST setting should always be set in the Control Center ( Manage > Locations > click on name > find Local time >  Change the time by clicking on “change” next to  “Local Time:”

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  1. jerry greif

    You are saying I am not in sync (time zone issue). But, I am in Calif., coming from Calif. Out of cell range. What to do?

    I was told this was easy to set up. Not finding it so.


    1. Roland Kosarszky

      The router has to be in the same time zone as our authentication servers which is GMT/UTC +00:00, with DST off.

  2. Christopher Tibule

    No GMT / UTC: +00:00 with DST off setting in Rocket M2. Is there any workaround for this problem. Thanks!

  3. Rainer Kolz

    In the case of using unifi behind an Edgerouter, is ist necessary to set the unifi-controllers time settings also to UTC / DST off or just the Edgerouters time settings?

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