Limiting bandwidth

In the Control Center, bandwidth can be limited on 3 levels:

  • Location
  • Access package
  • Users

Limiting bandwidth on location’s level

Location’s default limits can be set from Manage > Locations > click on name > Modify Hotspot Data > Set default limits. If you enter zero there, the default limit of the location will be unlimited.

The modifications you make here doesn’t affect users with existing access. They will get the new speeds once they get a new access.

Limiting bandwidth by access package

Packages can be defined under Customize > Packages. Default packages are using the location’s default limits and you can also set an access package to use the location’s default limits. This is good if you want to set a global control for all the packages of a location, and you can change all limits at once by overriding the location’s default limits.

But if you create a package with specific limits, it will override the location’s default limits. By creating different packages with different bandwidth limits you will be able to offer multiple bandwidth options for your users for a different price.

If you modify an existing package which was already used by your users, the change¬†won’t affect users with an existing, valid access. They will get the new speeds once they get a new access based on the modified package.

Change bandwidth for individual users

On the user’s page (you can go there by clicing on the username from the transaction list or search for the user from Manage > Users) you can see what bandwidth limitations are set for that user and change bandwidth for that specific user only.

This change will only last until the access expires, if the user gets a new access, the limitation will be overwritten by the bandwidth limits of the package.
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