Here’s what we store and provide the Operators in the Control Center:

  • We record user’s sessions, including login and logout date and times and traffic consumption
  • We record user’s MAC address, which identifies the computer he used
  • Internal IP (Framed-IP) is also recorded, this is valuable information in case you run an external log server
  • We record all the user details, who payed for an access online (you can optionally force users to register if they have a voucher or got their access codes via SMS). This includes the following:
    • Username
    • E-mail
    • Name
    • Billing Address
    • City
    • Country
    • Phone number


  • Credit card information are stored by the credit card processing 3rd-party
  • If you sell Pre-Paid cards (vouchers) to the user or if the username/password was sent to the user’s mobile phone directly, you can choose to turn on the registration of users with Vouchers, or you can manually record the user’s name, address, or any other information you may want when you sell the vouchers for them.
  • After the user logged in, users are directly connected to the internet through the router (means that it is not going through our servers so we cannot log that information). From there IT IS YOUR ISP’s responsibility to log the user’s activity (what websites he/she visited). However you can use OpenDNS to collect such information or use your own log / proxy server to record those information.
  • LOGs are not available using the free Hotspot Basic service (however we still record them).
  • You can turn SMS authentication ON for online payments/vouchers so users first have to authenticate themselves by SMS. Or you can send username/password directly to the user’s mobile phone with Hotspot FREE SMS solution.
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