Voucher printer upgrade / installation guide

You need to download the http://downloads.hotspotsystem.com/HDDRawCopy1.10Portable.zip file and the http://downloads.hotspotsystem.com/hotspotprinter_2015_11.imgc from downloads.hotspotsystem.com

1. Open the administrator control panel of the printer from a browser. (This process is described in detail in the user guide document of your printer) The login information is printer on the front page of the printer guide. Please copy the API key of the printer from the configuration page to a safe place, also make notes of the WIFI settings.

2. You need to download the HDDRawCopy1.10Portable.zip file and the newest firmware image fájl hotspotprinter_*.imgc from http://downloads.hotspotsystem.com/voucher_printer/ directory

3. Get the SD card out of the printer first. (Use the printer guide to see how to open the printer housing.)

4. Put it in a laptop or desktop computer. Connect an ethernet cable with DHCP service and internet access to the printer (printer document section 3/a)

5. Run the HDD Raw Copy software on the computer to write the image on the SD card. This will completely reset the printer settings and start it on defaults. You need to set the API key back from a browser. Then you need to power cycle the printer and it will sign in to us through the ethernet connection.

6. Then you can connect by a browser to the IP address of the printer it print out at the boot. The login information is printed on the front page of the printer guide. You can now set the wireless SSID / password for the printer. Then the printer should operate correctly.

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