What domains do I need to add to the whitelist for Hotspot FREE Social?

For social integrations, several domains have to be added to the whitelist so users can log in to their choosen social site.

NOTE: You have to be sure that you add these in the correct format. You check out this article to check what format is needed on different hardware / firmwares.

These domains are:

  • facebook.com
  • facebook.net
  • fbcdn.net
  • licdn.net
  • licdn.com
  • akamaihd.net
  • akamai.net
  • akamaiedge.net
  • cloudfront.com
  • twimg.com
  • instagram.com

This host have to be added also:

  • api.twitter.com
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  1. Artem

    Does it mean that user will have access to facebook ever he does not have access to interten? I don’t want to provide such access because almost half of my visitors just use facebook and anything also =)

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