How can I simplify login for users?

You can leave the voucher activation module unchecked, that way your users will only see a login and password field, where they can enter the same code. This will activate the code and logs the user in as well.

Click modify hotspot data and settings – VOUCHERS / ACCESS CODES and uncheck the box next to activation module.

You can further simplify the login process by turning off the password field, using the “Simplified Login (password only):” option.   This way there will only be 1 field displayed in the splash page.

Click manage-locations-modify hotspot data & settings – splash page sttings and check the box next to: Simplified Login (password only


Note: The voucher activation module is used only to activate a voucher, not for logging in.

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  1. Ugi

    Hello! Does this method apply only to paid subscribers to your service? I can’t see the Simplified login checkbox in the hotspot management. Thanks!

    1. Roland Kosarszky

      In case of a pay per use hotspot where users are required to enter a username and password, you cannot use this option. It is only available if you are using vouchers only.

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