New Installation Guide for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter


We have posted a new guide about how to setup a hotspot on Ubiquiti Edgerouter. The EdgeRouter is a powerful piece of hardware, advertised as “The world’s first million-packet-per-second router priced under $100“. Hardware Details: Dual-core MIPS64 processor with hardware acceleration for packet processing and encryption/decryption 3 RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet ports 512 MB DDR2 RAM (Layer-3 […]

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New Zealand Hotspot


At Hotspotsystem we have a truly diverse set of operators. This time we’re showcasing an operator from New Zealand, helping to prove there’s no boundaries to using our solutions. The hotspot is located in a small campground close to the bank of Kawhia Harbor. At first, internet was offered free and was protected only using a […]

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Create access codes on the fly using our Voucher API

We have released a new voucher API which allows you to create access codes on the fly and deliver them to your customers. So you can now integrate almost any application to work together with your hotspot. You just have to make an API call to our servers and you will get an access code in the reply. […]

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Campground Hotspot Setup with UniFi

Unifi Controller in the Cloud

In the 1st part of our campground installation post we wrote about how we set up the Edgerouter Lite as a gateway and used mostly Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 access points to cover the area. In the 2nd campground we could choose the equipment and we needed to come up with a cost effective solution. We […]

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RyCon: Featured operator from South Africa


From time to time, we are planning to present some of our partners who are using our system directly or reselling our hotspot services. This week’s operator is an IT company from South Africa who is a re-seller of our solutions. The company provides installation and monitoring services of hotspots in shopping centers. WiFi is […]

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Accepting PayPal payments in a hotspot environment

PayPal Payment Review

Our operators often ask, why are we using multiple payment processors, and why can’t they just use PayPal to accept payments in their hotspots. When we started HotspotSystem, it worked with PayPal only. We thought it was easy, no hassle with wire transfers, multiple currencies, etc, seemed to be perfect. Then we started to get […]

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Behind the scenes of our Help Desk, part 2


In the 1st part of our “Searching for the Ultimate Help Desk” post, i wrote about how we decided to use Intercom. First we have started to use it simultaneously with our old Help Desk to see how it works out. While Intercom is very good to communicate with existing customers, how about those who […]

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Campground Hotspot Setup, part 1

Campground hotspot system

Recently we have set up hotspots in 2 campgrounds. Both of them were quite large, one of them already had the equipment (Linksys WRT54GLs, Ubiquiti APs mostly), the other one had no equipment so we could buy anything we wanted (with a restricted budget of course). Here’s how we solved the installation in the 1st […]

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Voucher Thermal Printer


Accepting pre-orders now (go to Tools > Wi-Fi Shop and select your location). We are planning to ship in April. Pre-order price is $200 USD, includes shipping. What does the Voucher Thermal Printer do? This is the world’s first thermal printer which can print vouchers from the cloud. This means that: You don’t need to […]

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Behind the scenes of our Help Desk


When we started our company 7 years ago, we needed a help desk software, because answering to loads of emails via regular email was not too effective. At that time there were just a few software we could use. We chose Deskpro and it did the work well. But their latest update made our work […]

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