Introducing Splash Page Analytics

Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 12.43.03 PM

We are working on a new Splash Page Analytics which replaces the current Start Page Conversions Report. It’s like google analytics for your splash pages and offers tons of new functionality. Here are the core functions: Interactive charts in Javascript / HTML5 format Can be generated for each location in 4 categories: User Visits, Engagements, […]

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Featured Operator: Gloria Jean’s Coffees Australia


Gloria Jeans is an Australian Coffeehouse who uses Hotspotsystem’s Basic+ solution to provide free access.  Hotspotsystems support were amazing. Gloria Jean’s Coffees Alice Springs is a busy little hub for people from all walks of life. Local, national or international visitors, they try to cater to the best needs of our customers. Whether popping in to grab […]

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Reach out to your hotspot guests


As an operator you may want to interact with your guests. You may want to personally reach out to your guests or receive feedback for various purposes. You may want to welcome each user,  let them know about any special deals, promotions or happenings around the area. You may want to capture user input, perhaps for […]

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Better Skin Editor

Skin Editor

We have received a very good suggestion from one of our operators (thanks Erich) that we should install the codewarrior query plugin which would make the editing of the skin templates easier. We have checked it and within a few hours we managed to make it work. This is a good example that sometimes there […]

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Sell packages for 3, 6 or 12 months

In some cases you may wish to sell longer accesses than 1 month. Typical case is when you sell accesses for residents or for long-term rentals, give access for a full semester for students, etc. Now it’s possible to create a custom package which has an expiration of 3, 6 or 12 months. You can […]

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New Installation Guide for Ubiquiti EdgeRouter


We have posted a new guide about how to setup a hotspot on Ubiquiti Edgerouter. The EdgeRouter is a powerful piece of hardware, advertised as “The world’s first million-packet-per-second router priced under $100“. Hardware Details: Dual-core MIPS64 processor with hardware acceleration for packet processing and encryption/decryption 3 RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet ports 512 MB DDR2 RAM (Layer-3 […]

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New Zealand Hotspot


At Hotspotsystem we have a truly diverse set of operators. This time we’re showcasing an operator from New Zealand, helping to prove there’s no boundaries to using our solutions. The hotspot is located in a small campground close to the bank of Kawhia Harbor. At first, internet was offered free and was protected only using a […]

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Campground Hotspot Setup with UniFi

Unifi Controller in the Cloud

In the 1st part of our campground installation post we wrote about how we set up the Edgerouter Lite as a gateway and used mostly Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 access points to cover the area. In the 2nd campground we could choose the equipment and we needed to come up with a cost effective solution. We […]

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